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Why You Should Use Certified Welders

Trusting in the integrity of a weld isn’t just about a job well done, but could mean the difference in whether your project is structurally sound or potentially dangerous. Choosing a metal fabricator that uses only certified welders can help you move forward with a project that has a solid foundation. Rubin Iron Works, now partnered with Berman Brothers, has over 100 years of metal services in Jacksonville, FL, so they know a thing or two about the importance of a certified welder.

What is an AWS Certified Welder?

The AWS, or American Welding Society, has established certifications that outline the industry’s expectations for compliance. Certified welders in Jacksonville, as well as throughout Florida and the U.S., have all demonstrated mastery of these specific processes.  These certifications guarantee you are getting a reliably uniform weld from someone who has knowledge for that specific weld type. Rubin Iron Works requires all welders be AWS certified, even for projects that do not require certified weld processes.

What is the difference between a qualified welder and a certified welder?

The main difference between a qualified welder and a certified welder is verification. Qualified welders have the skills to produce sound welds within a given process or material. Certified welders have those same qualified skills, but have gone a step further to have them tested and verified with both a written and practical exam. Certified welders are tested on procedures used in structural steel, sheet metal and other metal fabrication and have proven to deliver reliable, trusted welds in each category. Because Rubin Iron Works specializes in wide range of custom metal fabrication in Florida, they place a high priority on ensuring their welders demonstrate a wide variety of skill.

What is a certified-quality weld?

In addition to our certified welders, Rubin Iron Works uses precision technology to create and finish custom metal fabrications to spec in Jacksonville. As a full-service shop committed to a high-level of technical skill, we focus on the following in determining the quality of our welds.

  • Is the product finished according to the design dimension requirements?
  • Does the product meet the required functionality and stability?
  • Does it meet our determinants of high quality?
  • Does the bead show uniform waves, width and height with no cracks or holes?
  • Is the choice of a full penetration or partial penetration weld the correct choice?
  • Does it meet the required strength?