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Berman Brothers
Rubin Iron Works: Established 1914

Scrap Metal Pricing

Prices Per Pound

Prices updated as of 7/2/2024. The scrap market changes frequently. 
To get the most current pricing please
Contact Us. The prices below are meant for Public Retail Transactions only. For Industrial or Volume pricing please Contact Us.

Recycling Department business hours 8 a.m. to  4 p.m. weekdays.

Scrap Recycling Services

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Regularly certified truck and platform scales
  • Convenient drop-off at our loading dock or yard
  • Fast pick-up and delivery of containers
  • Heavy duty material handling equipment
  • On-site metal analysis equipment
  • Prompt payment and fair pricing for all customers
  • On-site clean up services with mobile equipment
  • Specialty hauling with a variety of trailer and container sizes
  • Environmentally-sound processing
  • Radiation detection with both handheld and truck scale equipment
  • Precise segregation with proper preparation, packaging and loading
  • Specialized processing equipment to meet our customers’ needs
  • Variety in domestic freight options
  • Close proximity to large ports for export

About Scrap Recycling

Every year our scrap metal recycling division processes over 100 million pounds of scrap metal. We offer competitive scrap steel prices and scrap metal prices. While our specialty is heavy, industrial ferrous metals we can also handle all non-ferrous scrap…aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel and other alloy scrap. Our ferrous and nonferrous scrap recycling services cover Northern Florida & Southern Georgia with our roll-off containers, specialized processing equipment, and hauling. 

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Circle of Safety Excellence. Safety, or not at all.

We also purchase your aluminum, brass, copper, iron, lead, nickel alloys, stainless steel and other scrap metal for the best price. In addition to drop-off assistance, we provide fast pick up and delivery of roll-off containers, scrap dump trailers and flatbeds. Our facility has certified truck and platform scales, with both handheld and truck-scale radiation detection capabilities. We understand how valuable an accurate weight and grade is for our customers, so instead of the industry-standard annual certification, we certify our scales four times a year to give our customers an added peace of mind.

Berman Brothers can also accommodate onsite requests like demolition cleanup, live-loads and mobile baling. When a building comes down, no other metal recycling center throughout Florida or Georgia can haul, cut and handle big steel scrap like we do.

I continue to be impressed with Andy on this project. He is an exceptional asset for us and is extremely productive. He consistently has quick turn around times taking loads from the yard and returning for another. We can always count on maximizing progress on days when he is with us. He deserves a lot of credit for the speed at which the project is moving forward. We greatly appreciate his participation.

Jesse Boudreaux Onsite Environmental Consulting

Had an exhaust and radiator I needed to get rid of wasn’t even expecting any money in return. The process was very simple and friendly thanks for making it easy Berman Brothers!

Tommy Xiong

Since relocating our business to the Southeast we have had exceptional service from Berman Brothers. They have delivered quality product in a timely manner and have worked with us to maintain competitive pricing. Berman Brothers has been able to meet our needs providing all unique requests, large and small.

Brandon Mason

In compliance with Florida law, Berman Brothers can not purchase the following items without proof of ownership:

  • Manhole Covers
  • Electric light poles
  • Guard rails
  • Street signs
  • Utility wire (communication, distribution or service wire)
  • Funeral Marker or vase
  • Historical markers
  • Railroad equipment
  • Any item marked with name, initials or logo of a government entity, utility company, cemetery, or railroad.
  • Air conditioner coils (Aluminum/Copper and All Aluminum)
  • Stainless steel beer kegs
  • Catalytic converters
  • Burned copper or aluminum wire
  • Commercial brass valves or fittings (fire department connection or control valves)
  • Brass backflow preventers
  • Shopping carts
  • Brass Water Meters
  • Storm grates
  • Commercial brass sprinkler heads (used in agriculture)
  •  More than TWO batteries

Payment for restricted and regulated items may be made by check only.

At Berman Brothers material quality is very important. In order to keep the highest standards there are certain items that we do not buy.

These items include but are not limited to:

  • Sealed Containers – This includes oxygen tanks, CO2 tanks, propane tanks and fire extinguishers
  • Steel cable and steel guide wire
  • AC Units and refrigerators with Freon
  • Tires
  • Cast iron with lead joints
  • Shred less than 70% metal
  • Capacitors
  • Trash
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Plastic
  • Radioactive material
  • Any item that smells like fuel or could possibly be flammable
  • Any item that you are unsure of its use or what it is
  • When buying breakage, the material should be at least ½ aluminum or purchased as shred steel.