Welcome to Berman Bros., Inc.

Berman Bros., Inc. is the largest family-owned and -operated new steel warehousing and scrap recycling facility in North Florida.

Our New Steel Sales and Scrap Recycling Divisions alongside our Metal Fabrication & Machine Shop, Rubin Iron Works, LLC, provide you with a long history of experience and quality. Our expertise ranges from more than 150 years combined new steel sales experience and great diversity in scrap processing, to our certified welders and the artistry of our high-definition plasma and full-facility waterline oxy-fuel cutting. We are the definition of a full-service center.


New Steel Sales

Berman Bros., Inc. is the largest stocking distributor of steel in North Florida and takes great pride in providing superior products with excellent service that beats your expectations.

Scrap Recycling

As an industry leader, Berman Bros., Inc.'s Scrap Recycling Department has a tradition of commitment to our community, customers, employees and the environment. We can handle all of your scrap needs efficiently and safely.

Metal Fabrication

With nearly a century of dedication to quality and precision, our Metal Fabrication & Machine Shop, Rubin Iron Works, LLC specializes in shearing, forming and rolling carbon and alloy steel.