Berman Brothers & Rubin Iron Works

Berman Brothers
Rubin Iron Works: Established 1914

Berman Brothers – A Seamless Metal Service Center Experience

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. December 13, 2023, Berman Bros., Inc., the largest woman-owned and operated metal service center, metal recycling facility, and custom metal fabricator in the Southeast, is proud to announce that its start-to-finish metal service center will now exclusively operate under the Berman Brothers name.

Berman Brothers purchased Rubin Iron Works LLC in 2005 to add custom metal fabrication to our service offerings. Starting January 1, 2024, the Rubin Iron Works service offerings will be incorporated into Berman Brothers metal service center. Streamlining Berman Brothers businesses under one name will improve company-wide efficiency to better serve customers, employees, and the community.

“As we enter our 80th year in business we want to improve the customer experience and strengthen our team. Our competitors focus on stockholders and dividends, we focus on community.” said Rochelle Stoddard, President of Berman Brothers. The Berman name is synonymous with personalized service, competitive pricing, and product availability. Being a single source solution for Metal Sales, Recycling, and Fabrication is the goal.

The Berman motto is, “Our family knows metal. We scrap it, we sell it, we fab it.” Berman Brothers will continue to make customer experience and community service the priority.

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