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Which Scrap Metals Are Worth the Most Money?

Scrap metal recycling can literally turn trash into treasure. But if your construction or industrial business is shorthanded, or if you’re an individual with even less time than an industrial team, it can be useful to know which scrap metals are worth the most money so you can maximize your efforts. Here are some tips for finding the right metals to recycle.

Scrap metals are priced per pound. While the exact price for scrap metal in Jacksonville changes frequently, there are some general rules for which metals get the most price per pound for recycling.

Copper – Copper, for the most part, remains the king of the scrapyard. The price of copper is usually a few dollars per pound. This is typically about 3-6 times more valuable than other metals that qualify for scrap recycling. Both copper #1 and copper #2 are recyclable at Berman Bros. Copper #1 tends to look shiny and clean(er), like a fairly new penny. This type of copper is commonly used in plumbing piping and water lines. Copper #2 often has a more dull and dirty appearance than its #1 counterpart. It is utilized in water and air conditioning lines. The copper from electrical wiring can also be recycled, though the price varies from copper #1 and #2.

Brass – Brass is more expensive to manufacture than other metals, making it the second most sought after metal for recycling for Florida scrap yards. Coming in at around a dollar or two a pound, brass is a favorite for hardware finishes, like knobs, locks and faucets.

Aluminum – Aluminum is actually quite a good source of income for scrap metal recyclers. Although the price of scrap aluminum usually under a dollar per pound, there is so much aluminum scrap in circulation (yes, even ALL those aluminum cans), making it is one of the most commonly found recyclable metals. Aluminum is also used in construction materials like gutters and windows.

At Berman Bros., a scrap metal recycling center in Jacksonville, Florida, we accept copper, brass and aluminum for metal recycling, as well as iron, lead, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals. For industrial customers, we provide fast pick up and delivery of roll-off containers, scrap dump trailers and flatbeds. We also certify our scales four times as often as the industry standard, ensuring you get the most accurate price per pound for your scrap metal.