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Where Can I Find Scrap Brass, and Who Buys It?

Where can I find scrap brass?


Finding brass for recycling in Jacksonville is more common than you might think. It is found in many items around the house, and especially in older homes or high-end fixtures. Here are some common sources of brass that you may already have access to.

  • Shooting Ranges – Most ammo casings are brass, which means there may be quite a lot of scrap from the casings of fired bullets lying around shooting ranges. If the casings are not yours, make sure you have explicit permission to gather them, and always ensure none of the casings are actually live bullets.
  • Furniture and Lighting – Brass was commonly used in construction in old homes, and more currently, for high-end fixtures in a number of household applications. Yard sales and estate sales are good sources to find these items if you’re on the hunt.
  • HVAC and Heaters – Brass is a great conductor of heat, so it is used in water heaters, radiators, and HVAC units. However, because of the prevalence of theft, and in compliance with Florida law, Berman Brothers can only take brass air conditioner coils with proof of ownership.
  • Jewelry and Instruments – Not sure what to do with that gawdy piece from great-grandma or that old brass trumpet from middle school band? Recycle it! Being strong and warm, brass is a common pick in creating jewelry and instruments. So before you toss it, bring it in for fair market value on brass recycling.


Who will buy my scrap brass?


Berman Bros. metal recycling in Jacksonville, FL takes all types of metals, including brass, and pays competitively for scrap brass. They use environmentally sound processing and specialized equipment to meet their customers’ needs. They also provide prompt payment and fair pricing for all customers, regardless of the size of the load. While brass is currently being priced at around a dollar or two per pound, we suggest you check brass pricing on the Berman Bros. website, as it changes regularly.

There are dozens of different types of brass, so Berman Bros. can help you identify whether you have red, yellow or irony brass, which will affect the price per pound. One way to quickly separate your iron-based metals from your brass metals is to use a magnet. Brass will not be drawn to a magnet like ferrous metals will.

After receiving scrap brass, Berman Bros. softens it in a large heater. They melt down the brass and clean it of all impurities. It is then forged into commonly found parts, like piping, ingots and other small forms. As both a recycling facility and metal sales source, Berman Bros. sells the brass pieces much like the other metals in their 150,000-sq.-ft. warehouse. Their sales force has over 150 years combined experience in metal sales. Contact Berman Bros. today for more information on brass recycling.