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What is Scrap Metal Used For?

You may be familiar with the concept of scrapping – collecting scrap metal for profit. Scrap metal recyclers like Berman Bros. provide an opportunity for people in Jacksonville, FL to give new life to old metals and make some extra cash. But, have you ever wondered where those metals go after they are processed? Why buys recycled metals from companies like Berman Bros.? What is recycled metal used for?

Recycled metals are used in the fabrication of a wide range of new products. Aluminum, iron, copper, brass and steel can all be melted down and recreated into new items after the old items are broken or no longer useful. Scrap metal can provide a continuous source of these metals while preventing additional mining, which is both more expensive and more damaging to the environment.

Bales of scrap metal stainliess steel stacked near wildflowers


Recycled Metals in Construction

While new construction primarily uses new materials, you’d be surprised to see which of these “new” materials actually come from used metals. Large construction companies purchase recycled steel beams and components. These can be used in commercial applications, like roads and bridges, or residential projects, like support beams. Recycled metal is also commonly used in roofing, ductwork and plumbing.

Recycled Metals in Renovations

Individual homeowners and repair companies are often consumers of recycled metals. For example, recycled copper is commonly used in heating and cooling repair, while brass and steel are mainstays in plumbing work. Even homeowner purchases of decorative banisters, lighting fixtures and other metal-based furnishings may have had origins in recycled scrap. Farmhouse-style and shabby-chic furniture use elements of reclaimed wood and metals to give it the sought-after, lived-in look.

Recycled Metals for Industrial Use

Industrial applications of recycled metals are very broad. Because recycled metals are significantly cheaper than new, even metal resellers can buy in bulk and resell for a profit. Developers of consumer items, like appliances and tools, are staple buyers of recycled metals. Surprisingly enough, many shipping containers are also fabricated from recycled steel. But one of the most prolific applications is in the canning/packaging industry. Aluminum cans are not only the most commonly recycled item, but one of the most commonly fabricated as well! An aluminum can is able to move from recycling bin to a new, shelved product in as little as two months.

Recycled Metals in Art

Artists are famous for repurposing trash and discarded elements, and recycled metal is one of the most popular. The diversity in material, color, size and form makes recycled metal a versatile and inexpensive vehicle for creativity. Whether a large art installation at a park or museum, or small yard art for residential use, recycled metal sculptures are distinctive and one-of-a-kind.

If you are interested in learning more about how to buy or repurpose recycled metals, information on metal sales and purchasing in Florida is available on the Berman Bros. website.