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Top 3 Reasons To Use Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel pipes

Structural steel is a popular choice for building materials, and galvanized steel tops the list as one of the best performers in the structural steel game. So what makes this material so loved in the construction industry? Its versatility, strength and ease of use make it a natural-born leader. Here are three reasons why you should use galvanized steel in your next project.

It’s Strong and Reliable

Galvanized steel, thanks to its outer layer of zinc, is not as conducive to rust or rot as some of its other building material counterparts. It can last upwards of 25-50 years.

It’s Fast

Galvanized steel requires no cleaning, no painting, and no additional treatments after the zinc layer has been melded to the steel. This means it is immediately ready to be used in your project – and Berman Brothers makes using it even faster. Berman Brothers has the largest in-stock inventory of bumper posts and galvanized structural steel in Florida. It’s 150,000-sq.-ft. warehouse allows Berman Brothers to maintain inventory of many standard and unusual steel components so they’re ready to go when you are.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Steel is one of the most recycled and reused materials in construction. With up to a 98% recyclability and no loss of strength, it is among the best in environmentally-conscious materials. Steel also can’t absorb moisture – making mold is a non-issue – and thereby is a healthy choice for the future inhabitants of the building. Berman Brothers makes recycling easy as well for users throughout Florida and Georgia. It can haul, cut and handle big steel scrap like no other company in the area.

For generations, Berman Brothers has been a leader in new steel, structural steel and scrap recycling services.  When planning and starting your project, visit Berman Brothers for the largest selection of galvanized structural steel in Florida. When you’re done, contact Berman Brothers to help you gather, haul and recycle your steel scraps. After 75 years in the business, you can consider Berman Brothers the “galvanized standard” of the steel industry. We’re proud to serve you.