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What determines the price per pound of aluminum scrap metal?

Americans throw away millions of tons of aluminum products each year, according to estimates from the Environmental Protection Agency. And our use is growing, too. America’s aluminum consumption was one-third higher in 2015 than it was in 2006, and that number was projected to triple by 2025. While some loss can’t be helped, there’s a ton – literally! – of money left on the table that could be earned through aluminum recycling. More than $700 million worth of aluminum cans alone are lost to landfills every year.

Just like any other good that is bought and sold, the price per pound paid for scrap aluminum in Jacksonville is determined by a number of influencing factors. Knowing the different types of aluminum that are recyclable, as well as the elements that can affect the quality, can make a big difference in your scrap recycling profit. Here are the key factors to consider to maximize your aluminum scrap recycling efforts.

Shredded scrap aluminum

Types of recyclable aluminum

The type of aluminum is the biggest factor in determining the price. The following are the different types of aluminum accepted by Berman Bros., sorted roughly from the highest price per pound to the lowest:

  • Clean 6063 Aluminum
  • Aluminum Clip (MLC)
  • Painted Aluminum Siding
  • Dirty 6063 Aluminum
  • Old Aluminum Sheets
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Clean 356 Wheels
  • Cast Aluminum
  • Clean Aluminum Radiator
  • ACSR/Insulated Aluminum
  • 6061 Aluminum
  • Dirty Aluminum Radiator

Grade of recyclable aluminum

The rarity, or commonality, of aluminum is based on its grade. Some grades have more sought-after properties, thereby having a higher intrinsic value when recycling. For example, 6063 aluminum has a higher value than 6061 aluminum, due to its higher versatility, better surface finish, and greater resistance to corrosion.

Ease of aluminum recycling

When trying to maximize your money for aluminum scrap recycling, think of your aluminum like a baseball card collection. The better condition the card is in, the more it’s going to be worth. Dirty scrap will have a lower price per pound value than clean aluminum scrap. This is primarily because scrap needs to be cleaned and/or separated before it can be recycled. It is also smart to separate your metals. The less work that needs to be done to prepare the aluminum scrap for recycling, the higher its value.

Supply and demand

The classic economic law of supply and demand applies to aluminum scrap recycling, too. The good news is, while aluminum may be the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust, recycling uses only about 5% of the energy required to mine new aluminum, so recycled aluminum is always in demand. Aluminum can be recycled over, and over, and over again, practically indefinitely.

Berman Bros. wants to remind all recyclers how important it is to take your large aluminum scrap and other metals to a certified scrap metal recycling center. Most large aluminum components, as well as other metals can’t be recycled curbside because of the danger it poses to recycling workers and automated sorting machinery. Plus, prices fluctuate regularly, so Berman Bros. can help you get the highest price per pound for scrap aluminum in Florida.