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Berman Brothers’ Ongoing Partnership with Haskell

Berman Brothers President Rochelle Stoddard recently had the opportunity to speak with Haskell on the subject of relationships between small and large businesses. Here is a snippet of the interview conducted:

Rochelle Stoddard, the President of Berman Brothers in Jacksonville, has experienced [relationships between large and small businesses]. As the third-generation female owner of the largest family-owned and operated metal service center, scrap metal recycling facility, custom metal manufacturer and fabricator in the Southeast, she values the work done with a larger company.

The most recent partnership included custom metal work for Haskell’s design and delivery of a confidential fast-food client’s regional manufacturing and distribution center on the U.S. West Coast. Stoddard said she appreciated the ongoing educational experiences Haskell offers, including Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce gatherings for women-owned small businesses on how to conduct business with the company and invitations to a potential job site to learn more about the process even though Berman Brothers’ business doesn’t include installation.

“It’s enormous,” Stoddard said. “Small businesses help to feed people in our local community. To have Haskell, as such a large entity, support local businesses can only be beneficial to us all. Unfortunately, no longer are we in the days where a purchasing agent is loyal to a relationship based on service and quality. Usually, it’s just, ‘What’s the price?’ But it’s the relationships that Haskell values and that’s been encouraging.”

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