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Benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling in Jacksonville

Did you know you can get paid for most metals at a scrap metal recycling center in Jacksonville? Scrap metal buyers in Florida, like Berman Bros., offer competitive pricing on aluminum scrap, copper scrap, and other scrap metals. Each year, Berman Bros. processes over 100 million pounds of scrap metal, and many people have turned metal recycling in Jacksonville into an income source. But in addition to the financial benefits, scrap and recycling offers several other advantages.

Scrap Recycling Conserves Resources
Jacksonville metal recycling centers help conserve resources. It takes less energy, and less water, to turn scrap metal into a new product than it does to harvest new resources. Steel recycling consumes around 55-60% less energy than creating it anew, whereas copper and aluminum recycling puts that savings as high as 90-95%. Metal recycling is also less expensive and protects the metal ore reserves that we do have. In addition, scrap recycling in Jacksonville provides significant positive impact to the environment compared to mining. Mining can create poisonous runoff, groundwater pollution and habitat destruction that recycling does not.

Recycling Centers in Florida Help Reduce Waste
Of the 75 landfills in Florida, 56 of them are completely full, which leaves only 19 currently operational. With the majority of materials still being discarded into landfills, it’s critical to take advantage of every material that can be recycled. Recycling scrap metal keeps those materials, which take a long time to degrade, out of Florida landfills.

Metal Recycling Provides Economic Benefits
In addition to the boost your own wallet gets from Berman Bros.’ competitive steel, brass and aluminum per pound price, recycling provides an economic boost to the community as well. Recycling centers employ more workers than would be required if the materials were simply thrown away. The scrap recycling industry has created over 450,000 jobs and added billions to state governments through tax revenue. The US also exports many recycled scrap materials, which supports our national economy.

As the leader in scrap and recycling in Jacksonville, the family-owned Berman Bros. pays top dollar for scrap metal. Visit the Berman Bros. website for a list of aluminum recycling pricing, brass recycling pricing, steel recycling pricing or copper recycling pricing.