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The Three R’s of Summer: Reorganize, Recycle, Recoup

The kids are out of school, and those long days of summer are perfect for diving into a home organization project. While reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmatic are gone until fall, immerse yourself in a project that not only benefits your family’s space, but also the environment and your pocketbook!

Reorganize: Finding Scrap Metal Around Your Home

Look around. You’ve probably accumulated quite a few things over the years. Old appliances, building materials, personal items. Now is the time to reorganize and see what stays and what goes. But, before you haul that old refrigerator out to the curb, think about finding a scrap metal recycling facility in Jacksonville. While we live in a disposable society, you’d be surprised to find just how much of your old “junk” could be worth money through scrap metal recycling: metal furniture, electronic devices, copper cables – even that aluminum soda can!

Recycle: Save the Landfills and the Planet

A scrap metal yard in Jacksonville, like Berman Brothers, can take those old metals and process the raw materials to be reused in new products. By sorting through your items, you can do double-duty for the planet. Scrap recycling keeps useful metals out of overcrowded landfills while keeping other harmful, toxic metal components out of our soils and streams. Berman Brothers accepts both ferrous (containing iron) and non-ferrous metals for scrap recycling. For a full list of which metals are recyclable in the Jacksonville area, visit the Berman Brothers website.

Recoup: Make Money With Scrap Metal Recycling

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but now your trash can become your own treasure! Berman Brothers offers competitive pay for scrap metal in Duval County. Our location at 2500 Evergreen Avenue in Jacksonville, is open every weekday to accept scrap metals. Both residential and commercial scrappers can benefit from the smart economic decision to recycle old scrap metal. Besides benefitting your pocketbook, recycling can save everyone money in the long run. Just one recycled aluminum can has the potential to power a light bulb for almost an entire day! Plus, since the coronavirus pandemic, imported steel is harder to come by, making recycled steel an even more valuable asset.

Berman Brothers is the largest family-owned and operated metal service center, scrap metal recycling facility, and custom metal manufacturer and fabricator in the Southeast. We have been family-owned and operated since 1945.