Berman Brothers & Rubin Iron Works

Berman Brothers
Rubin Iron Works: Established 1914

New Cutting-Edge Equipment for Rubin Iron Works

Berman Bros. partnered with Rubin Iron Works in 2005 to create a single-source company offering the full spectrum of metal services throughout the metal fabrication process. Much of the 100 million pounds of scrap metal that is processed annually by Berman Bros. goes directly to the Jacksonville metal fabrication facility, Rubin Iron Works. There, those metals or alloys are processed, melted down, and then re-formed into blocks, sheets, pipes and beams. The trained fabricators at Rubin Iron Works are experts in welding, braking, forming, punching, rolling, cutting and shearing.

Rubin Iron Works has built its name on 100 years of technical excellence, and it is excited to introduce its latest piece of equipment, the AccurPress Accell E Model 435012. With this addition, Rubin Iron Works has improved its capabilities and extended the range of fabrication offerings available to its clients. This new machinery has an impressive number of features and options, and advanced Vision Control touchscreen display.

The new AccurPress Accell E Model 435012 features a 350-ton brake and 14” throat. The Y1/Y2 Proportional Hydraulic Technology allows for Ram position accuracy of +/-0.0004. The hydraulic Ram Clamping System offers the renowned high-precision Wila systems and suits American tooling. The CNC crowning offers flexibility and accuracy to the full range of bending applications by compensating or machine deflecting during forming. The integrity of the frame also provides for precise, off-center bending and the creation of CNC fade bends. Rubin Iron Works also opted to have the CNC servo controlled Elite backgauge, which offers greater flexibility in 6-axes X1/X2, R1/R2, Z1/Z1.

Rubin Iron Works is the leader in metalworking in Jacksonville, FL, and will continue to drive innovation and excellence in the industry. Customers can count on its commitment to the highest level of custom fabrication, as well as its vision for bringing the best in technology and quality to every project.